Pure thoughts, pure intentions are as important and valuable for us as mother’s first milk is to an infant

We create Businesses​

that are based on Social Business Entrepreneurship Model. Individuals can participate as full time or part time partners based on their interests, skills, availability and current market dynamics

What businesses are we involved in?

We are open to any types of businesses as long they solve a problem and has a clear road map.
We would love them to be mouldable to Social Entrepreneurial Business Model

Living – Naturally

This website is a curated list of resources that can guide using food as medicines, using water, earthing etc. as natural therapies. You can buy equipments for the same.

Recipes and equipments are also available that are in compliance with Food as Medicine and other similar philosophies.

Motor Homes

This business has everything to do with Motor Homes. Be it Manufacture, Rent, Sell, Buy and resell Motor Homes, Develop properties as Camper Parks and other services

Citizen’s Perception

This is a unique crowd sourcing platform to share news while empowering the common man while making them aware of the power of their vote and how to use it judisciously for their individual benefit

Tailored Travel Itineraries

A small project that helps a traveller create tailored travel itineraries as per their interests, travel time and budget.
Can compliment Motor Homes project


End to End B2C e commerce store created on Social Business Enterpreneurship Model

I want to use my own Idea​​

If you have a different idea and you want to validate it using our platform, it’s possible

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