About Us​

We Create Businesses​

We create businesses and give them to deserving teams run
We also help founders create and run businesses of their choice
We offer projects to Angel Investors and VCs as per the project stage and their desired domain

Our Vision​

Increase business success rate to 90% instead of current 10% in startups

Develop Social Business Entrepreneurship as a successful model

Our Mission​

Create an ecosystem where startups may be started with minimum / zero capital and seek funds only for growth once they are Profitable

Our Values

Equal Opportunities
Maximum Participation
No divide based on economic, religious, sex or sect basis
Democratic Management after business establishes

Our Startup Roadmap



Although ideas are dime a dozen, they are foundation of any business. We like, not to judge an idea, and invite ideators to use our platform find compatible team members, within or outside, that understands and believes in your idea



Once key team members are gathered and Ideation process is complete, Idea is tested on multiple parameters and team is completed as per requirement for MVP


Launch MVP​

Here all assumptions are put to test and a better understanding of the product and business requirements are established



Product and assets are tweaked as per customer needs and launched in limited geographical area. Profitability and practicality and growth are established



Business now is open to funding from VCs., Renting office space, opening new territories and growing business while remaining profitable



We may exit from your business during your IPO but cease to have any post of responsibility in your Company

Why Choose Us?​

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Some Numbers​

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Projects Completed​


Accolades Earned​


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Would you like to start a project with us?​

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